Saturday, August 6, 2016

Dead Parrot

Warning: some less knowledgeable will assume I am using bad language.  I am not.

 In days of old when nights were cold,  oh, wrong story.

In the old days, most people walked to get about.  There were other forms of transportation, but they were used by the wealthy and royalty.  In some instances, they were exclusive to royalty.  One of those modes was the ass.  Some folks would prefer I use the word burro or donkey.

A really wealthy person or royalty would have a stable of said animals.  If they traveled long distances, they would have a retinue.  The animals would be rotated like we rotate the tires (tyres) on our vehicles to extend tread life.  They would be a able to actually travel farther and more quickly by allowing the animals to rest unburdened.

If an animal were to die in 'the traces', as it were, a servant would be dispatched to get a replacement, one which had the most rest, much like a manager signalling for a relief pitcher, was brought forward.  The retinue would continue, leaving the dead animal beside the 'road' to be dispatched by scavengers.  The natural order of things, PETA.

The next time one hears a human being telling another human being to 'get off their dead ass...', remember, either person is likely ignorant of the origin of the phrase.  Person One is simply pointing out a servant is not going to appear with another imaginary ass, donkey, burro. to carry Person Two away.

As for the 'Dead Parrot', may I direct you to the 'Egress'.  Keep a sharp eye out for a 'Python' named 'Monty'.

Friday, August 5, 2016

More On the Language Police

Warning: contains language some may find offensive

  I probably should add an additional warning, but then, some I'm trying to reach would shy away.

  I'm a Christian.  I make no apologies.  I am a fundamentalist.  I make no apologies.

  The issue with some folks is they have not the slightest idea what a Christian is.  They are prejudiced.  They have formed an opinion based on the 'witness' of others.  That witness would not stand up in a court of law.  It would be inadmissible as hearsay.
  Let me repeat myself: It would be inadmissible as hearsay!

  Examine the evidence!

  The second issue it fundamentalism.  Read the previous.  I could be pedantic.  I taught at the post secondary level.  Christian fundamentalists are NOT uneducated, wild eyed fanatics.  There are five (5) points, positions which identify a Christian fundamentalist.

  Examine the evidence!

  Now to get down to 'brass tacks'.

  In my previous 'Language Police' post, I referred to a word that used to be used in past conversation.  I also ranted about the crazy, insane, prohibition of Latin abbreviations.  Here is another word the uneducated snigger about: piss.

  For those who get wound up, I present to you the King James Version of the Bible.

   I Samuel 25:22, 34
   I Kings 14:10; 16:11; 21:21
  II Kings 9:8; 18:27
  Isaiah 36:12

  To unbelievers, your ignorance will be your own death.

  To believers, your ignorance weakens or destroys your witness.

  I'm praying for all humanity.

Language Police

Warning: use of antiquated language now considered 'vulgar'.

  I am an amateur etymologist, no not bugs (entomologist), word origins.  I am also an amateur semanticist: the meanings of words and phrases in a particular context.  That is only one part of the word's meaning, but this is my primary focus.  This drives my family to distraction.
 Way back in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries a word was in common usage.  Now, it is considered a vulgarism, scatological.  The word is 'shit'.  As a verb,
  present tense: shit
       past tense: shat
    past perfect: shot

  Past perfect survives in reference to firearms, and as a noun for types of ammunition.

  I have provided this background information to provide context for the 'Warning'.

 The military has a saying: "A thousand 'Atta-boys' and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.  One 'Aw-shit' wipes 'em all out."  That is a scatological reference.

  Regardless, us moderns have inserted a limitation on language for no real reason.  Lately, it has been reported certain Web sites will not allow the use of Latin abbreviations, such as, for example, i.e., e.g. and etc.
  I personally have and will in the future rebel against such inanity.  Be advised, I will NOT provide warnings.
  Caveat emptor!