Friday, August 17, 2012

Do the Math

One big shortcoming in the teaching of Evolution is the math.  Evolution is probablistic in nature.  To really grasp the need for large amounts of time, even though time is relativistic in nature, a student needs the rudiments of probability and statistics to truly understand the building of the human genome.
  One side bar item shows the lack of understanding, is abortion.  To put it simply:


at least for one species.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who's the Nanny?

  I visit a well known web site because of its links to news summaries.  The web site itself is not a problem.  Some of the sites it links to have been known problems.  You move in, check the headlines or summary, then back out.
  I lambasted Google for playing Nanny.  Seems it was a company Stop Bad Software.  At least I was able to get to the web site, and also let Stop Bad Software their opinion of the site was erroneous, or was it censorship?  No matter.
  Google.  My sincere apologies.
  Vint Cerf.  Do you really want your name and picture associated with Stop Bad Software?
  I want to stop bad software, oh how I want to.  I have a Windows system with about a half dozen roots kits on it.  Placed there by some folks from overseas, who had the temerity to spoof a company in Portland, then call me to offer their assistance in removing their product from my system.
  The price we pay for an "open" system.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diverse Interprtations

It strikes me as odd and sad at the same time, my fellow human beings can't seem to agree on much of anything of import.  For example, I am considered by some to be a pagan because I believe the Creator of the Universe has breath and speaks.  Are not the words of my mouth the offspring of my mind?  I use my breath to speak those words to announce my thoughts to others.
For those who don't believe in a Creator, fine.  You're just an accident.  To use a common word from 15th and 16th century English, that's what vulgar means, "Shit happens".
Oh, that's what we're made of, dirt!  Same stuff as the stars.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obscenely Colossal Telescope Project Revealed


The existence of the Obscenely Colossal Telescope, formerly the Super Secret Obscenely Colossal Telescope, was exposed by Stephen Craft, contributor to Sky and Telescope online, in his NEWS by Stephen Craft post of 20 June 2012. The main thrust of his article was regarding the useful discoveries of smaller scopes for astronomers. In particular, the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope, KELT. Not to be confused with the CELT or EBSLT. He did in fact insert a disclaimer “one of these might be made up” when referring to the behemoths of telescopedom, i.e. the recently approved E-ELT, the VLT, and the Giant Magellan Telescope.
Whether this was an intentional leak or simply an attempt to puncture the extremely dense shroud of secrecy around the OCT, formerly the SSOCT, remains to be determined. This reporter had previously signed a non-disclosure agreement with backers of the OCT, formerly the SSOCT, and am now released from that contractual agreement to give you, the general reading audience the skinny, the real deal, the inside dope... Never mind.
Dr. M.A.C. DeRoyal, with too many initials tagged on his name, confided to this reporter over a few too many stouts the plans for said telescope in 1987. Over the intervening years, he has passed on snippets of information regarding the various trials, tribulations and milestones of the Committee to Build the OCT, formerly the Committee to Build the SSOCT, of which he was chair.
The brain child of Dr. R.E.M. Mills, University of Haltwhistle, was intended to put the university back on the map, as it were, of Big Astronomy. A chance meeting with DeRoyal at a local pub led to a sketch of said telescope envisioned by Mills, a table of organisation by DeRoyal, and a plan to get funding for the project. This was all recorded on a barmaid's apron, which they were able to keep after the row created over the procurement of said apron and a night in gaol.

We pause now, so as not to spill the entire contents of the can of beans. We hope you will return having been enticed by this teaser.

By Ferd Whittleton, Stupendously Colossal Agri-Media, 21 June 2012.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why do fascists come to America and then want to make it a fascist state?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New to the blogosphere.  Profile to come.  Have a suitable photo.  Don't have suitable interface to upload yet.  Customisation in work (INW).  Don't expect much.  What I hope to make available: a photo or two, a few music recommendations, an occasional opinion, and a short story now and then.