Friday, August 17, 2012

Do the Math

One big shortcoming in the teaching of Evolution is the math.  Evolution is probablistic in nature.  To really grasp the need for large amounts of time, even though time is relativistic in nature, a student needs the rudiments of probability and statistics to truly understand the building of the human genome.
  One side bar item shows the lack of understanding, is abortion.  To put it simply:


at least for one species.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who's the Nanny?

  I visit a well known web site because of its links to news summaries.  The web site itself is not a problem.  Some of the sites it links to have been known problems.  You move in, check the headlines or summary, then back out.
  I lambasted Google for playing Nanny.  Seems it was a company Stop Bad Software.  At least I was able to get to the web site, and also let Stop Bad Software their opinion of the site was erroneous, or was it censorship?  No matter.
  Google.  My sincere apologies.
  Vint Cerf.  Do you really want your name and picture associated with Stop Bad Software?
  I want to stop bad software, oh how I want to.  I have a Windows system with about a half dozen roots kits on it.  Placed there by some folks from overseas, who had the temerity to spoof a company in Portland, then call me to offer their assistance in removing their product from my system.
  The price we pay for an "open" system.