Sunday, November 9, 2014


  Imagine space as silly putty, but foamy.  It's density is so low it stands at the edge of reason.  The smallest particle deforms this foam.  We may not be able to detect the particle directly, but the deformity represents the "field" of the particle.  Sound familiar?  The interaction of the particle with space is it's field.  This hearkens back to the "aether".  Our problem is wrapping our heads around such a low density.  The "density" of our brains is part of the problem.
  This plasticity exhibits fluidity.  Again the problem is density.  Classically we think of water or air.  What of a non newtonian fluid?  Instead of a spoon used in a children's experiment, what about particles of ever increasing mass and density interacting with the space?  What is viscosity?

To be continued...

Thanks to Josh Peck and his book Quantum Creation for getting me to think about this stuff, again.
This journey started back in the early '80s with Nigel Calder's Einstein's Universe and a boat load of subsequent books and articles too numerous to mention.

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